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Please review our Returns policy here.

Yes of course! During the peak Carnival season, we have a dedicated customer service team available to assist in any way possible.

Most definitely! There are a lot of good details in here.

Our service fees vary by category and are dependent on the agreements with our 3rd party providers.

We use SSL encryption and leading payment processors to ensure a safe and secure booking. We accept all credit cards or Paypal.

Tickets can be picked up either in New York City or Trinidad. Please contact info@lazymas.com to get the address and hours of operation.


Not necessarily! There is the possibility of getting a costume in your band of choice from someone that can no longer attend Carnival. Please email info@lazymas.com for more details.

An all inclusive band provides you with a complete experience on both parade days (Carnival Monday and Tuesday). The all-inclusive experience provides: Security, Premium Bars, Snacks, Breakfast and Lunch, Rest Stop, Washroom Facilities, Emergency and Shuttle services.

J’ouvert the official start of Carnival and takes place at dawn on the Monday preceding Lent.

Trinidad Carival is unique in that we celebrate Carnival across two full parade days. The Carnival Monday parade begins after J’ouvert ends. Many masqueraders do not wear their costume on Carnival Monday, but rather band provided or personally created “Monday Wear”. Carnival Tuesday is when masqueraders wear their band provided costume.

Mas band registration usually begins in August prior to Trinidad Carnival. Each band has their own registration date and process.

Each band has a unique costume collection location. This information is provided by each band a few weeks before Carnival.


Yes. We do sell tickets for several Carnival events. We work directly with the listed event promoters to provide event tickets to customers.

No. We do not sell fete ticket packages, as we don’t want to force customers to attend events they do not want to attend. Purchase tickets to the events you want or ask us for our fete suggestions.

A fete is the Trindiadian term for an event/party.

A cooler fete is a party where you are allowed to bring your own cooler filled with drinks of your choice.

An All Inclusive fete is a party that provides unlimited gourmet food and premium drinks. It’s certainly something to experience especially during Carnival time.

Check out the full event listings on our Events page.

Tickets become available for purchase once they have been released by the event promoters. We do not pre-sell tickets to any events. Ticket release dates vary by each event, starting from October 1st.

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